About Me

Hi, y’all! It’s me, the girl behind the shelves: Sarah. I’m a twenty-something avid reader residing in Tampa, Florida, who’s been enamored with books for as long as I can remember. Reading books, recommending books, talking books, and of course, collecting books.

Some might say I’m a book hoarder even, and by some I mean my second-grade teacher (talking to you, Mrs. Bosley), who sent me home crying with a scathing note for my parents detailing how their daughter had crammed 27 books from the classroom library in her desk. According to her, I was being “selfish” and “irresponsible” by borrowing that many books. If you ask me, I was inquisitive and hungry to learn, but I guess we all interpret things differently.

Mrs. Bosley, if you thought the 27 books I had in my desk then was bad, you should see my house now… Despite her book-shaming, I later went on to study English in college and volunteer at my local library, and I hope to one day get my foot in the door of the publishing world, whether that be marketing books or even writing my own.

All this to say that reading is and always has been an integral part of who I am and the driving force behind why I decided to create this space. In terms of reading tastes and what you can most likely expect from me here, I enjoy and most often gravitate toward mystery/thrillers, romance and women’s fiction, literary/contemporary fiction, and the occasional non-fiction read.

I would love to connect with you, my fellow bookworms, on this wonderful hobby of ours. Check out my socials below and come say hi!